Our Commitment to Safety

Bright Solutions is 100% committed to accomplishing our goal of “Zero Injuries in the Workplace”. The safety and health of our employees is always first and foremost on our minds. We provide the resources and training necessary to ensure a safe working environment for our entire workforce.

Bright Solutions strives to maintain the highest level of safety in our industry. Adhering to our own stringent standards, we hold ourselves accountable for our own safety performance. Only through the cooperative effort of all our employees can we succeed in providing a Safety Program that will ensure a “Bright Future” for all.

Industry Recognition:

  • ABC Platinum STEP Award 2017
  • ABC Platinum STEP Award 2016
  • ABC Platinum STEP Award 2015
  • ABC Platinum STEP Award 2014
  • ABC Platinum STEP Award 2013
  • ABC Gold STEP Award 2012
  • ABC Gold STEP Award 2011
  • ABC Gold STEP Award 2010
  • ABC Gold STEP Award 2009
  • ABC Gold STEP Award 2008
  • ABC Gold STEP Award 2007