Utilizing Bluebeam Revu for As-Builts


Jacob Dunn

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Course Description:

This course will teach individuals the basics of operating Bluebeam Revu with a focus on creating As-Builts digitally through the software. The basics of this program would include importing, editing, and exporting PDF files through Bluebeam, navigating the UI of Bluebeam, creating markup tools and tool boxes, and editing a PDF through markups to replace paper markups.

The objective of this course will be to teach individuals a better polished, and more efficient method of editing shop drawings on the field while also increasing the technical proficiency of employees as the company continues to evolve alongside modern technologies.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand what the Bluebeam Revu program is used for and why it’s important to learn how to use it for completing As-Builts.
  2. Learn how to open up a variety of file types and how to add, remove, and edit pages within PDF files.
  3. Learn the basic elements of the Bluebeam UI and how to navigate and personalize both the view and elements of the UI to suit individual preferences.
  4. Learn the concept of the profile, the tool box, and markup tool, how to import and export profiles and tool boxes, and how to create and personalize all of them.
  5. Learn how to properly calibrate the scale of a drawing in Bluebeam and make measurements within a drawing.
  6. Learn advanced methods for editing the content of a drawing with preexisting tools, and creating new markup tools from scratch with those tools.
  7. Understand how to take the skills learned from the previous objectives and use them to translate what is done in analog As-Builts on paper to digital As-Builts on Bluebeam Revu.



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