The Management Team of Bright Future, LLC has always been committed to providing our employees with a safe and healthful working environment. Unfortunately, in the past, each department was solely responsible for policing job sites and correcting violations. This became a time consuming task, which ultimately created deficienciesin policy enforcement. The effects of our actions createdan increase in accidents and inefficiencies.

We are confident that the development of our new Safety and Training Department will allow us to better control these areas by eliminating good intentions and replacing them with positive actions. Listed below is a summary of current policies and procedures which will now be strictly enforced.

  • It is the policy of Bright Future, LLC that our employees report unsafe conditions. Do not perform any work task if it is unsafe.
  • Employees must report all accidents, injuries and unsafe conditions to their supervisors. This report will not result in retaliation, penalty or any other disincentive.
  • Management always welcomes recommendations to improve safety and health conditions and will give through consideration to any such recommendations.
  • Management will give top priority and provide the financial resources to correct unsafe conditions or remove employees from those conditions.
  • Management will take disciplinary action against an unsafe employee who willfully or repeatedly violates work place safety rules in the form of verbal or written reprimands and may ultimately result in termination of employment to protect that person’s safety and the safety of anyone who might be affected!
  • The Safety Director has the primary responsibility for the implementation of the Bright Future, LLC Safety Program.

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