Safely using this tool is of the utmost importance to the user as well as all bystanders. When used safely, this tool is a great fastening device, but extreme caution should be exercised at all times.

1bis is a 22 cal. powder charge firing a fastener nail in excess of 300 feet per second.

It is mandatory to follow safe use procedures!

  1. All operators must have a valid operator’s card for the specific tool being used.
  2. Eye and ear protection is required for the operator and anyone in close proximity.
  3. A sign stating “Warning Powder Actuated Fastener In Use”!   must be posted within 50 feet of use area.:
  4. Always load the pin (nail) before the powder charge.
  5. Never put your hand over the end of the barrel.
  6. Never fire this tool if any flammable vapors are suspected to be present.
  7. Never leave these tools unattended with a powder load in the chamber. Use it or remove it!

Remember to use personal protective equipment. We want you to keep your hearing and eyesight!

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