Every job site shall have employees trained in C.P.R. and First Aid to comply with the O.S.H.A. standards, which require help within 4 minutes on the job site or trained C.P.R. and First Aid providers on site. In addition, Bright Future, LLC employees shall rely on 911 emergency services and verify the location of the closest medical facility (i.e. Dr. Office, Walk-In Clinic, Hospital, etc.) A map of the closest medical facility shall be posted in our trailer and shown to our employees.


To comply with O.S.H.A. record keeping requirements, ALL treatment on your job site must be entered on the First Aid Log. This refers to any treatment performed on site including first aid supplies used such as Band Aids, etc.


1. First Aid; Treatment at the jobsite, this refers to minor injuries that can be treated with the use of the first aid kit located at the sites. If this applies there is a first aid log located in the Safety Manuel, section G and page 3. This log must be maintained.

2. Medical Facility: This refers to injuries that you feel needs to be evaluated at a medical facility.

  1. All job sites have a pre-prepared medical map that is either posted or accompanies the first notice of injury that indicates the closest facility to your job site that is on our provider list. Unless there is a major incident this should be used. (see job start book for details).
  2. Notification of injury needs to be made to the office as soon as possible. Use good judgment as to not jeopardize the well-being of the injured party.
  3. The employee needs to be accompanied to the facility by either the foreman or a safety department member.
  4. Drug testing is required on all facility incidents, with kits supplied by facility.
  5. A member of the safety department needs to maintain contact with the employee during an exam if any way possible, ask questions if applicable to status and medications. A foreman may take the place of a safety member if they are not available.
  6. Upon completion of medical services, if light or modified duty is prescribed contact needs to be made with the foreman and project manager to determine if there is work in the employee’s  normal scope that can be performed.
  7. If employee is on no work status, the foreman or safety department will assure the employee has transportation to his/her residence or destination as needed and assist in procuring medications or needed materials as prescribed.

3. Documentation

  1. The foreman or safety department will secure forms from the medical facility or employee.
  2. Classification of first aid or recordable, will be made by the investigating safety rep. and forwarded to Office Management for final consideration. After this step the forms will be sent to the Human Resource Department for data entry. This sequence should be accomplished in an expedient manner.

4. Safety Investigation

  1. The Safety Department will act immediately in accumulating all information and then process a Field Investigation Report. This information will be used for training to reduce the possibility of like incidences.

5. Follow – Up

  1. The Safety Department will make frequent follow-ups on employee’s status via phone or personal contact to maintain work status and assist in needs as to the injured employee.

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